A gym workout for the mind
Courses being held in Kent, UK.

We spend huge amounts of money and time on how we look and what we put into our bodies. We join gyms, go running, join exercise classes. We buy organic food, join diet clubs, watch everything we eat and when we eat. If we get to obtain the elusive ‘perfect body’ both inside and out, how often do we find something is still not quite right, how often do we ask ourselves “why am I still not happy?”

Because we have ignored the biggest part of who we are, the part that makes you You.. Your mind. We pay it no attention and yet it is directing us all the time. It is giving us a running commentary of our lives, it can be so critical, it brings back our failures, its constantly striving for the next thing that will make us feel happy. It is exhausting, relentless and sometime harmful.

If you come on an 8 or 4 week course you can learn to control the mind as much as you control your body. You will learn how to be at peace with who you actually are now, how to ‘rest’ the mind, to give it some time and space to grow. In the same way you exercise your body you can exercise your mind for 20 mins a day.

Why not come along, spend far far less than you would in a gym and the result will be like something you have never experienced before. Contentment, peace, acceptance.

You will begin to understand that the mind does not always tell you the truth, that it can be challenged and changed. That sitting and doing ‘nothing’ is quite possibly the most important thing that you can learn to do. The rewards will be many and lifelong. It’s a gym workout for the mind.

Cost £227.00

​You will be given weekly guidance notes and access to the website for your daily guided meditations that you can download.

2019 dates coming soon