“Compassionate, skilful and containing. 3 words to describe just some of Deborah’s strengths as an independent teacher of meditation.
Meeting weekly for individual guidance and practice was like being safely attached ot a strong lifeboat in the middle of my maelstrom of despair.
Deborah was pivotal in rekindling hope in my life. She was the catalyst to my now restored and renewed mediation practice and to my recovery from depression and anxiety.
Meditate to Silence is an invaluable resource for both those people new to meditation or like me with some experience and training.”     Bonnie (Senior CAMHS Social Worker)

“During a period of my life when everything seemed to be going against me I knew I had to sort myself out. My marriage had broken down, I was losing my house and my confidence had hit rock bottom so a friend recommended a ‘mindfulness course’ I reached for my laptop and Google became my friend, I found a course local to me and booked it up. I know it’s a bit cliché “but It was the best thing I ever did”, why you ask? Well for me it made me really think about what I was feeling and made me realise I couldn’t change anything so why was I letting it control me. I will admit the first day of the course I thought to myself ‘what am I doing here, this is weird and not for me’ but I am so glad I stuck with it. I met some amazing people on the course and Deborah was so easy going and made me feel so comfortable, the meditation got easier as the course went on and with practice. I was one of these people that if you asked me to imagine a door at the end of a garden I would imagine a car up a tree!! You cover various meditation techniques (lucky for me) so you choose the one that’s right for you!
I am not going to say I am now a fully positive, happy, easy going person and have abundance coming into my life but I am in control of my thoughts, I notice more around me especially the sky which I now think is the most beautiful thing in the universe (who knew!!) and I now really take the time to have ‘some timeout’ of all the stresses of life…. I have no control over situations but I do have control on how I deal with them…. So if you think that mindfulness is ‘weird mumbo jumbo’ so did I, but I would 100% recommend Deborah and one of her courses or workshops and 100% think that it should be mandatory in schools.  Jackie (PA)

“I attended an 8 week Mindfulness Course run by Deborah from March 2017 until May 2017. I enjoyed each of the sessions and felt that the course content was both interesting and thought provoking. I tried hard to complete my “homework” each week and was lucky enough to be with a friendly group of people, who listened to everyone’s feedback.
Mindfulness is very powerful and I can honestly say that it has helped me to deal with the loss of my mum in 2016, as well as everything else life throws at you. I continue to try and meditate as often as possible and have also encouraged my 86 year old Dad to take it up. (You are never too old!!)”  Anne

” Thank you so much for a lovely day, I really enjoyed the different types of meditation sessions, all so relaxing & inspiring”.  Tracy (Detox Day)

“Thank you Deborah, you have quite simly given me my life back.”  Colin (Social Worker)

“I found Deborah’s course enlightening. Working through the emotional reactions was interesting to know how it affected me personally and in what ways. Deborah explains mindfulness clearly. She shares her knowledge with passion and experience. All topped off with a wonderful guided mediation.”    Jo

“I did the 8 week Mindfulness Course with a group of about 6 people and being the only male did not feel out of place. I looked forward to each of the Wednesday evening sessions and benefited from each week and it definitely changed my thought process. Deborah (not Debbie!) very calming person and never pressured you into anything even the weekly homework. Would 100% recommend this course and the ending motto being KEEP MEDITATING”   Phill